Malathion Insecticide is an insecticide in the chemical family known as organophosphates. Insecticides containing malathion are used outdoors to control a wide variety of insects in agricultural settings and around homes.

Malathion is commonly used in public health for mosquito control and fruit fly eradication programs.

Malathion Insecticide is formulated to protect outdoor plants such as flowers, shrubs, fruits and vegetables from damaging insects.

  • Kills lawn and garden insects as listed
  • Protects flowers, fruits and vegetables  
  • Multi-purpose insecticide

Malathion Insecticide controls the following pests: Aphids; bagworms; box elder bugs; fleas; fourlined leaf bugs; Japanese beetle adults; grape leafhoppers; houseflies; leafhoppers; leafrollers; mealybugs; mites; mosquitoes; moths; oak kermes; pear psyllids; plum curculio; rose leafhoppers; scales; scale crawlers; spittlebugs; tarnished plant bugs; tent caterpillars; thrips; whiteflies and wooly aphids

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Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate, Bonide

Bonide Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate is a liquid fruit tree spray containing insecticide, fungicide, aphicide, miticide, scalicide, and spreadersticker all in one solution.

Active Ingredients: Captan 11.76% + Malathion 6.00% + Carbaryl 0.30%


Malathion 5 EC Insecticide, Winfield

Malathion 5 EC 57% Malathion Insecticide provides effective control of flys, mosquitos, fleas, ticks and aphids.

Active Ingredient: Malathion 57%

Signal Word - WARNING / AVISO

Malathion 57 EC Insecticide, Loveland Products

Malathion 57 EC Insecticide is an organophosphate insecticide for use on a variety of agricultural crops, including fruit, vegetable, nut and field crops and non-agricultural premise uses.

Active Ingredient: Malathion 57.0%

Signal Word - WARNING / AVISO

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Malathion 5EC Insecticide, Drexel

Malathion 5EC Insecticide is an insecticide/miticide used to control pests on a broad range of Crop and Non-crop applications.

Active Ingredient: Malathion 57.0%

Signal Word - WARNING / AVISO

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