Insect Traps

A large variety of traps can be purchased (with or without lures). To purchase a specific trap, please contact us.


Lindgren Funnel Trap


For more than 20 years, Lindgren funnel traps have been the most effective and user-friendly beetle trap worldwide, used to detect the presence of invasive insects at ports of entry as well as reduce populations of bark beetles, ambrosia beetles and other wood-boring insects, including wood wasps.


Cross-Vane Panel Trap


Cross-vane panel traps are made to trap large, wood-boring beetles and wood wasps, as well as other bark and timber beetles.


Sticky Panel Trap


Sticky panel traps are used with attractive lures for mass-trapping European and native elm bark beetles, vectors of Dutch elm disease.




Unitraps are to capture large numbers of moths with pheromone lures installed in a basket above the funnel leading into the trap. It can be used where pesticide sprays are excluded.


Cardboard Delta Trap


This inexpensive, disposable trap is used for monitoring species of moths and certain other pests.


Plastic Delta Trap


This durable, reusable trap is designed for codling and other moths with extended flight periods or multiple generations. It includes stick, replaceable inserts for periodic monitoring of catches.


Diamond Trap


Diamond traps are inexpensive, effective, and disposable sticky traps made for trapping moth pests.


Wing Trap


Wing traps are effective in monitoring moth pests of orchards, forests, and field crops.


Spotted-Wing Drosophila Trap


Better than homemade traps and an effective indicator of the presence of spotted-wing drosophila, this insect trap is used to manage or monitor infestations. Lure not included.


Sticky Card Traps (Yellow)


Yellow is a very attractive color to many insect pests, including aphids, whiteflies, midges, fungus gnats, and ragoletes fruit flies, and it offers enough contrast that captured insects can be easily counted. These sticky card traps are made for use in orchards, greenhouses, ornamental gardens in office buildings, around house plants, and in home flower and vegetable gardens.


Rhagoletis Trap


This trap is used for ragoletes fruit fly pests of apples, cherries, blueberries, and other crops. It can be used by growers to monitor first flight and indicate when to apply insecticide.

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