Monitoring Traps

Forestry and Agriculture Trap Types 

A large variety of traps can be purchased (with or without lures). To purchase a specific trap please contact us.

Sticky Card Traps (Yellow)

  • yellow is very attractive to many insect pests, including aphids, whiteflies, midges, fungus gnats, and ragoletes fruit flies
  • captured insects can be easily counted
  • for use in orchards, greenhouses, ornamental gardens in office buildings, around house plants, and in home flower and vegetable gardens
  • can be used to reduce populations of whiteflies and aphids
Rhagoletis Trap

  • used for ragoletes fruit fly pests of apples, cherries blueberries and other crops
  • attractive lures available to enhance effectiveness
  • can be used by growers for monitoring first flight to indicate when to apply insecticide
  • in use, trap is folded to form two-sided trap, and is suspended from hangers supplied with it
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Panel Trap (for Elm Bark Beetle)

Panel Trap for Elm Bark Beetle

Please allow 7 to 14 days for delivery.

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Card Traps, Insect Monitoring Traps (Yellow), BASF

Card traps are used to monitor the presence and populations of many indoor, greenhouse and outdoor insect species.
From $30.95

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