Douglas-fir or Doug fir trees are one of the most prolific trees of our Northern and Western forests streaching from Mexico to Canada and across the entire northern US.  

Other common names include Douglas tree, and Oregon pine.

Forestry Distributing stocks a complete line of products to protect your Douglas-fir trees from Doug fir and Spruce Beetles, Ips Beetles and other Bark Beetles as well as many insects, plant pathogens and plant diseases.

Our product line includes:

  • MCH Douglas-fir and Spruce Beetle repellent;
  • The industries widest selection of preventative sprays including Tengard Permethrin, Baseline Bifenthrin and Sevin Carbaryl insecticides;
  • Post Pine Beetle attack treatments including Safari 20SG and Pentra-Bark;
  • The Forestry Industry's widest selection of forest insect and bark beetle traps, baits and lures. 

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