Palm trees are a family of plants. This family is called Arecaceae. Most of them are trees but some are shrubs. They grow in hot climates, but some have been planted as far north as Britain.

Well known palm trees are:

  • Date palm
  • Coconut palm

There are over two thousand varieties, living in varied climates from rainforests to deserts. Palms are one of the most well-known and widely planted tree families.

Forestry Distributing stocks a complete line of products to protect your palm trees and shrubs from dangerous invasive insects, pathogens and diseases including a comprehensive line of products to combat Cycad Aulacaspis Scale (CAS) and many others including:

  • Cycad Aulacaspis Scale (CAS) treatment products like Safari 20SG, Zylam Liquid and Dimethoate 400;
  • Preventative sprays including Baseline Bifenthrin, Tengard Permethrin and Sevin Carbaryl insecticides;
  • Insect growth regulators like Distance IGR;
  • Leading fungicides like Agri-fos;
  • The Forestry and Landscape Industry's largest selection of forest insect traps, baits and lures.

Additionally, Forestry Distributing stocks a wide variety of products to manage or control Aphids, Scales, Mites and many other insects, plant pathogens and diseases.

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