Pine Tip Moth

Pine tip moths

Pine tip moths , Rhyacionia neomexicana, R. bushnelli, R. zozana, R. fumosana

  • Tip moths are caterpillars that feed on and kill back new growth of various pines.
  • Damage by tip moths is conspicuous but rarely threatens tree health.
  • The southwestern pine tip moth that commonly infests Scotch, ponderosa and mugho pines is best controlled with insecticides applied as new needles are elongating.
  • Tip moths on pinyon pine overwinter in or on the terminal growth of the tree.

Pine tip moths feed on and destroy new growth (terminals) of pines grown throughout most Western forests. Injury often is quite conspicuous, and infested plants may appear unattractive. Although little real injury to the health of the infested tree results from pine tip moth attacks, tree growth can be delayed and the form altered to a bushier appearance.





Colorado State University Fact Sheet  pdf 



  • Treatments:
    Systemic Protection (Imidacloprid), Preventative Spraying (Permethrin, Bifenthrin, Carbaryl),  Basal Trunk Application (Safari ®)







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