Colloidal Chitosan

Protect your trees from pine beetles with ODC™, a new costeffective colloidal chitosan solution made from shellfish. Tested by the USDA Forest Service, ODC™ is an ecofriendly biopesticide that is easy to use, and will pre-arm your trees while they still have a fighting chance!

How does it work?

ODC™ Colloidal Chitosan naturally activates enzymes in pine trees that boost tree resin levels (by approx. 40%), reducing the number of beetle eggs (by approx. 37%). Resin pitch-out traps and kills the pine beetles, and prearms the trees against blue stain mold and disease.


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ODC Super Concentrate, Colloidal Chitosan, Agrihouse

ODC Super Concentrate, Colloidal Chitosan pre-arms your trees while they still have a fighting chance.

Organic Certification(s): Meets USDA Organic Standards
Active Ingredients: Colloidal Chitosan 1.25%
Product Class:
EPA Signal Word: N/A
Application Rate Range: 1 ml per 5 gallons
Container Size(s): 1.2 Oz., 16 Oz.

State Registrations Not for Sale to: VT

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