Chlorpyrifos (ULV)

Chlorpyrifos Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Adulticide Insecticides

Chlorpyrifos Insecticides have been used in Integrated Pest Management programs for more than three decades, making them the product of choice for those seeking an alternative to malathion. Chlorpyrifos Insecticides are low odor, quick-killing and non-corrosive properties, making them an excellent choice for budget-sensitive programs. Chlorpyrifos Insecticides are used in residential and recreational areas.

Chlorpyrifos Insecticides Key Benefits

  • Excellent rotational tool if resistance is a challenge
  • Does not cause biting frenzy post application
  • Non-corrosive to spray equipment
  • Effective against resistant species including those resistant to synthetic pyrethroids

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