Aminopyralid Herbicides

Aminopyralid Herbicides

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Milestone Specialty Herbicide, Corteva

Milestone Specialty Herbicide is a new liquid formulation herbicide from Dow AgroSciences designed and developed specifically for use on rangeland and pastures to control noxious and invasive broadleaf species and other problem weeds.

Active Ingredients: Aminopyralid 40.6%
Herbicide Mode of Action: Group 4
EPA Registration Number: 62719-519
Application Rate Range: (see label)
Container Size(s): 1 Qt., 2.5 Gal.
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Opensight Specialty Herbicide, Corteva

Opensight Herbicide is a proven, cost-effective granule herbicide allowing vegetation managers a convenient solution for hard-to-control weed species, including herbaceous weeds, brush and grass species plus glyphosate resistant species. This unique pre-mix formulation of aminopyralid and metsulfuron methyl has low use rates and can be used up to the water’s edge.

Active Ingredients: Aminopyralid 62.13%, Metsulfuron methyl 9.45%
Herbicide Mode of Action: Group 4 + 2
EPA Registration Number: 62719-597
Application Rate Range: (see label)
Container Size(s): 1.25 Lbs.
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DuraCor Herbicide, Corteva

DuraCor Herbicide featuring the first new active ingredient for pastures and rangeland in nearly 15 years brings livestock producers and land managers the broadest-spectrum broadleaf weed control available for their grazing acres.

Active Ingredients: Aminopyralid 8.95% + Rinskor 0.76%
Herbicide Mode of Action: 4 + 4
EPA Registration Number: 62719-739
Application Rate Range: (see label)
Container Size(s): 1 Gal.
From $102.95

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