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Abound Flowable Fungicide, Syngenta

Abound Fungicide is the right solution when a strobilurin with broad-spectrum disease control and application flexibility is needed. By providing reliable disease control, Abound Fungicide extends retention of healthy green leaves until late in the season.

Active Ingredients: Azoxystrobin 22.9%
Fungicide Mode of Action: 11
Application Rate Range: (see label)
Container Size(s): 1 Gal.
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Captan 4L Fungicide, Albaugh

Captan 4L Fungicide is a broad spectrum flowable protectant fungicide for the control of Shothole, Brown Rot, Scab, Grey Mold, Anthracnose, Powdery/Downey Mildew, Phomopsis, and other plant diseases.

Active Ingredient: Captan 38.75%

Signal Word - DANGER / PELIGRO

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Emblem Fungicide, Nufarm

Emblem Fungicide is a go-to product for foliar, stem and root diseases providing defense and control with low use rates and an easy-to-use liquid formulation through all stages of production.

Active Ingredient: Fludioxonil 4.3%


Phyton 27 Bactericide Fungicide, Phyton

Phyton 27 Bactericide Fungicide for ornamentals, trees and shrubs, bedding plants. Growers call Phyton 27 their “secret weapon” or “the silver bullet” because it performs when other chemical controls fail.

Active Ingredient: Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate 21.36%

Signal Word - DANGER / PELIGRO

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Phyton 35 Bactericide Fungicide, Phyton

Phyton 35 Bactericide Fungicide for Edibles, Ornamentals, and Trees & Shrubs. Phyton 35 is a broad-spectrum systemic bactericide + fungicide labeled for use on fruits, vegetables, & herbs as well as ornamentals and other greenhouse and nursery crops.

Active Ingredient: Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate 21.27%

Signal Word - WARNING / AVISO

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Raven Fungicide, UPI

Raven Fungicide delivers a unique, multi-site mode of action to provide effective control of many key diseases such as dollar spot, leaf spot, brown patch, fusarium patch, and pink & gray snow molds in a variety of turf and ornamental applications.

Active Ingredient: Iprodine 23.3%


Discontinued Product This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.