Dwarf Mistletoe

Dwarf Mistletoe in PineDwarf MistletoeIn western forest ecosystems of North America, numerous dwarf mistletoe species are considered to be serious forest-borne disease agents.

Severe dwarf mistletoe infection can result in a reduction in tree growth, premature tree mortality, reduced seed and cone development, reduced wood quality, and increase the susceptibility of the host tree to pathogen and/or insect attack. Most of the commercially important conifers in western
North America are parasitized by one or more dwarf mistletoes.

The interaction between dwarf mistletoes and their host can be generalized as a source-to-sink relationship. Dwarf mistletoes derive the majority of their nutrition from the host’s vascular tissues. Dwarf mistletoes have a root-like system, composed of primary and secondary haustoria, which invade, but do not injure, both the xylem and phloem of the host. Because this root-like endophytic system is not soil-borne, dwarf mistletoes are solely dependent on their host for water.

Forestry Distributing stocks a complete line of products to help control Dwarf Mistletoe.

Our Dwarf Mistletoe product line includes:

  • Florel® Brand Plant Growth Regulator which is registered to reduce or eliminate undesirable fruit development on Dwarf Mistletoe.
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Verve Plant Growth Regulator PGR, Nufarm

Verve Plant Growth Regulator PGR is a concentrated formulation of ethephon with a wide range of uses on tobacco, fruit crops, fruiting vegetables, wheat and barley to improve quality, yield and harvestability.

Active Ingredient: Ethephon 21.7%

Signal Word - DANGER / PELIGRO

State Registrations Not for Sale to: VT

From $57.95

Florel Brand Growth Regulator PGR, Monterey

Control Dwarf Mistletoe. Reduce or eliminate undesirable fruit development on many ornamental trees.

Active Ingredients: Ethephon 3.9%
EPA Registration Number: 54705-8
Application Rate Range: (see label)
Container Size(s): 1 Pt., 1 Qt., 1 Gal., 2.5 Gal.

State Registrations Not for Sale to: VT

From $10.95

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