MCH Flakes

MCH Flakes, Pheromone repellent for Douglas-fir and Spruce Beetles

DISRUPT MICRO–FLAKE MCH Bark Beetle Anti–Aggregant Flakes (US EPA Product Registration No. 8730–72) – Contains the active ingredient, methyl cyclohexenone, effective as an anti–aggregation pheromone against Douglas–fir beetle, Spruce Beetle and certain other species.

DISRUPT MICRO–FLAKE MCH Bark Beetle Anti–Aggregant Flakes provide a very important capability in the fight against Douglas–fir beetle and Spruce Beetle, namely the ability to protect high value trees by allowing rapid and effective aerial treatment of forests or large tree stands not possible with the hand–applied "pouch" or "bubble–cap" products. 

DISRUPT MICRO–FLAKE MCH Bark Beetle Anti–Aggregant Flakes can also be applied to small to mid–size tree stands or to individual trees using a variety of ground application methods at faster rates than possible with products requiring hand–stapling or nailing.


  • Much more tamper and theft resistant than traditional MCH bubble caps.
  • Ideal for use to protect venerable trees at schools, in public parks, along sidewalks and areas with a large volume of public and pedestrian traffic.
  • Rapid and easy product application.
  • Provides virtually the same level of tree and stand protection as traditional MCH pheromone bubble caps.
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MCH Disrupt Micro–Flake Fir & Spruce Beetle Repellent

MCH Disrupt Micro–Flake Bark Beetle Pheromone Repellent Flakes are an effective management tool for certain bark beetles on various tree species. MCH is an anti-aggregation pheromone that when applied in the Micro-Flake form can protect susceptible host trees from infestation by Douglas-fir beetle.

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