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MezaVue Herbicide, Corteva

MezaVue Herbicide. Pricklypear, by nature, is notoriously slow to show symptoms, die and melt away. Faster symptoms with MezaVue Herbicide deliver a piece-of-mind benefit that the herbicide is working. Faster control means native grasses are able to respond sooner to get rangeland back into production.

Restricted Use: Yes
Active Ingredients: Aminopyralid 5.15% + Picloram 10.06% + Fluroxypyr 12.53%
Herbicide Mode of Action: 4
Application Rate Range: (see label)
Container Size(s): 1 Gal., 30 Gal.

State Registrations State Registration(s): CO, NM, TX, OK

Restricted Use Pesticide This product is a Restricted Use Pesticide and requires an Applicator's License for purchase. The Applicator's License must match the state for shipping.

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