Clarke ULV Foggers

Clarke ULV Foggers

Tried, true, and perfected. From product development to equipment engineering, Clarke is your source for the most innovative mosquito control solutions.  

Plan, track, and monitor program applications. Clarke application equipment, data management and surveillance tools are used by mosquito control professional around the world. 

Clarke ULV Foggers, The Right Equipment for Your Program 

Equipment and technology options are available to fit any scale of program. From traps to misters and sprayers, Clarke has the tools for every phase of a mosquito control program. We can help find the tools and technology that work best for your mosquito control operation.

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Cougar ULV Fogger Sprayer, Clarke

Cougar ULV Fogger Sprayer provides the professional performance of larger ULV units in an economical size and price. This ULV cold aerosol generator is lightweight and easy to operate. It features a high output rate, while operating efficiently and reliably.

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Grizzly ULV Fogger Sprayer, Clarke

Grizzly w/ Smart Flow II, ULV Fogger Sprayer, this cold aerosol ULV generator sets the standard for professional equipment. An 18 HP OHV engine combined with the powerful features you demand make the Grizzly the ideal choice for the big, tough jobs.

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Promist Dura ULV Fogger Sprayer, Clarke

Promist Dura w/ Smart Flow II, ULV Fogger, this quiet, versatile electric ULV sprayer has been redesigned.With a new modular system the Promist Dura is easily configured to your preferences. Features such as quick-connect ports, LED lighted spray ring,choice of formulation tanks and even solar battery charger, make this the most-user and earth-friendly ULV applicator available.

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