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OxiPhos Systemic Bactericide Fungicide, BioSafe Systems

OxiPhos Systemic Bactericide Fungicide is a combination of phosphorous acid and activated peroxide that provides a one-two punch against diseases. The activated peroxide helps the phosphorous acid active ingredient to have a broader effect on targeted organisms.

Active Ingredients: Phosphorus Acid 27.1%, Hydrogen Peroxide 14.0%
Container Size(s): 2.5 Gal.

US DOT Hazmat ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No refunds, returns, or exchanges. This product has been classified by the US DOT as a hazardous material. Signature required at time of delivery.

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Phyton 35 Bacteriacide Fungicide, Phyton

Phyton 35 Bacteriacide Fungicide for Edibles, Ornamentals, and Trees & Shrubs. Phyton 35 is a broad-spectrum systemic bactericide + fungicide labeled for use on fruits, vegetables, & herbs as well as ornamentals and other greenhouse and nursery crops.

Active Ingredient: Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate 21.27%

Signal Word - WARNING / AVISO

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X3 Bacteriacide Fungicide Algaecide, Phyton

X3 Bacteriacide Fungicide Algaecide is a powerful, highly-concentrated sanitation/bactericide/fungicide/algaecide that has a zero-hour REI and a low risk of phytotoxicity when used as directed.

Active Ingredient: Hydrogen Peroxide 6.9% + Peroxyacetic Acid 4.4% + Octanoic Acid 3.3%

Signal Word - DANGER / PELIGRO

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