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719 Spreader, Penetrant, Wetting Agent, OMRI Listed, Brandt Organics

719 Spreader, Penetrant, Wetting Agent is a patented proprietary trisiloxane alkoxylate based wetting agent for use in pesticide spray applications. This non-ionic surfactant may be used to improve both spray coverage and uptake of spray solutions used on agricultural, forestry, turf and ornamental, industrial, and non-cropland sites. OMRI Listed.

Signal Word - WARNING / AVISO
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Brandt Organics Ag Aide, Spreader Activator, OMRI Listed, Brandt

Brandt Organics Ag Aide, Spreader Activator is a natural, non-ionic surfactant that enhances the activity and performance of pesticides and foliar nutrients.

Organic Certification(s): OMRI
Active Ingredients: Yucca schidigera extract 100%
Product Class: Surfactant
Application Rate Range: (see label)
Container Size(s): 1 Gal.
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Induce Non-ionic Low Foam Wetter/Spreader Adjuvant, Helena

Induce Nonionic Low Foam Wetter/Spreader Adjuvant is a special blend of nonionic, low-foam components. It is designed to quickly wet and spread a more uniform spray deposit over plant leaf and stem surfaces. With a high level of free fatty acids, Induce resists wash-off.

Active Ingredient: Alkyl Aryl Polyoxylkane ethers, alkanolamides, dimethyl siloxane, and Free Fatty Acids - 90%


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WETCIT Penetrant Spreader Wetting Aid Surfactant, Oro Agri USA

WETCIT Penetrant Spreader Wetting Aid Surfactant is the industry-leading adjuvant and has been shown to provide superior spreading, wetting and penetration compared to alternative surfactants such as crop oil concentrates (COC), methylated seed oils (MSO), high surfactant methylated oil concentrates (HSMOC), silicone surfactants (SS) and non-ionic surfactants (NIS).

Active Ingredient: Alcohol Ethoxylate 8.15%

Signal Word - WARNING / AVISO