AP&G is a leading manufacturer of high-quality monitors and traps for rodent, fly and insect management.
Get a huge range of professional products from the Catchmaster PRO line. We provide products that let you monitor insects, rodents and other creatures, and we aim for quality. This ensures maximum reliability for any level of pest control expert.

We produce glue traps for rodents, professional-level traps for mosquitoes and other flying insects and capture devices for crawling insects.

AP&G was established during the early 1950s, and it originally produced specialty adhesives. It introduced the Catchmaster brand in 1977 to deliver innovative pest control and management products for professional. We test a huge range of devices to destruction in our labs and in real-world settings, so you can be sure you’ll get maximum performance every time you choose a Catchmaster product.

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Ovi-Catch AGO Mosquito Trap, Catchmaster

Ovi-Catch AGO Mosquito Trap is based on technology that was developed and tested in the performance of research conducted at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention laboratory in Puerto Rico.

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