Strategic Partners

Horizon BioSciences

Horizon BioSciences is the leading distributor of the pheromones verbenone and MCH to combat mountain pine beetles in the western United States and Canada.


Horizon BioSciences distributes a broad range of products, including organic and environmentally friendly biopesticides, insect pheromone repellents, and pheromone insect attractants, lures, baits, and traps to research and to support sustainable Forestry and Agriculture.


Verbenone & MCH Express

Verbenone & MCH Express has become North America's leading distributor of mountain pine, southern pine, ips, Douglas-fir, and spruce beetle pheromone repellents.


Ag Distributing

Ag Distributing has grown to become the nation's premier distributor of specialty pheromone insect baits, lures, attractants, and specialty insect monitoring and trapping supplies.


Ag Distributing provides a wide range of products for agriculture, nurseries, greenhouses, landscape and turf, forestry, viticulture, arboriculture, gardening, plantscapes, apiculture, education, and research.



Cultivar™ is a leading distributor of specialty insect lures, baits, pheromone insect attractants and repellents, specialty insect traps, and insect monitoring traps to the commercial agricultural market.


Additionally, Cultivar™ distributes a full line of specialty and organic pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and agri-chemicals.

Eldora Organic

Eldora Organic is a leading distributor of biopesticides, insect pheromone repellents and attractants, insect lures, baits, and traps, as well as a broad range of products to support organic and sustainable agricultural practices. 


Eldora Organic provides products for a number of industries, including agriculture, forestry, gardening, education and research, and more.


Greenies, Inc.

Greenies, Inc. distributes heirloom and non-GMO seeds, organic fertilizers, biopesticides, insect pheromone repellents and attractants, insect lures, baits, and traps, as well as products for organic gardening and sustainable agricultural practices.


Horizon Forestry

Horizon Forestry provides innovative forestry solutions to Colorado's front range, I-70 corridor, and North Central mountain communities. Horizon Forestry has led the fight to combat Colorado's mountain pine beetle epidemic and preserve its timber resources. 


Horizon Forestry works hand in hand with federal and state agencies, Colorado communities, schools, and private landholders to find effective solutions to the most challenging forestry problems.