Arboriculture Insect Lures

Forestry Distributing's comprehensive line of insect pheromones and arboriculture semiochemical products including insect repellents, traps, baits and attractants have been designed to improve management of insects and insect pests, while minimizing negative environmental impacts.

Pheromone and kairomone traps are also sensitive detectors of non-indigenous arboricultural insect pests. Forestry Distributing's  line of insect pheromones and arboricultural semiochemical products have been an industry standard for nearly two decades, making us truly North America's forestry leader.


Arboriculture Insect Lures

Ash, Lilac, Dogwood, Rhododendron Borer Lure
Cherry Bark Tortrix Lure (Enarmonia formosana)
Elm Bark Beetle Standard Lure
Elm Bark Beetle Custom Lure
Gypsy Moth Lure (Lymantria dispar)
Sequoia Pitch Moth Lure (Synanthedon sequoiae)
Walnut Twig Beetle Lure

General Purpose Lures

Alpha Pinene UHR (Ultra High Release) Lure
Ethanol Standard Lure
Ethanol UHR (Ultra High Release) Lure

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Walnut Twig Beetle Lures

Walnut Twig Beetle Lure

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