WETCIT for Insecticide / Fungicide / Miticide Programs

Superior spreading, wetting and penetration for superior results.

WETCIT with TransPhloem technology provides the ideal method for improving the efficacy of crop applications. Field tests have shown WETCIT provides better coverage and penetration to deliver more active ingredients into plants and provide a more complete barrier to infestation. Unlike oil-based adjuvants, WETCIT does not leave sticky residues and provides quicker, more complete penetration through leaf surfaces.

Benefits of WETCIT plus insecticides / fungicides / miticides include:

  • Quicker penetration of systemic pesticides through plant leaves’ waxy cuticles.
  • Knocks down mite webbing
  • Leaves no sticky residue to attract dust and cause mite flare-ups
  • Does NOT increase drift
  • Pleasant, non-pesticide odor reduces complaints from homeowners
  • Does not decrease stomatal conductance, unlike crop oil sprays that reduce transpiration and increase plant stress


WETCIT provides better deposition than other adjuvant types.