Tordon 22K Specialty Herbicide Benefits:

Successful control of leafy spurge-
Tordon 22K herbicide offers the rate flexibility needed to nip new leafy spurge patches in the bud or to finish off large established patches thinned by broadcast applications of Graslan L herbicide.

Stops the toughest broadleaf weeds-
Tordon 22K is active on most noxious and invasive weeds, including biennial thistles, perennial Canada thistle, knapweeds, yellow starthistle and many others. Tordon 22K is the best leafy spurge control available and is an excellent choice for field bindweed.

Take out tough weeds, leave the grass-
Tordon 22K is safe to desirable grasses and has no grazing restrictions except for lactating dairy animals. Use Tordon 22K to manage the most troublesome weeds on rangeland and permanent grass pastures, noncropland and Conservation Reserve Program acres.