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2-D Turf and V.M. Herbicide, (Confront), Quali-Pro

2-D Turf and V.M. Herbicide is the generic version of Confront herbicide by Dow. For the control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in established turfgrass including sod farms, rangeland and permanent grass pastures, roadsides, CRP land and other non-crop areas. Not for use on residential lawns.

Active Ingredient: Triclopyr 33%, Clopyralid 12.1%

Signal Word - DANGER / PELIGRO

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3-D Turf Herbicide, Quali-Pro

3-D Turf Herbicide for selective broadleaf weed control in turf grass on golf courses and sod farms. Also for use in non-crop areas such as highways and rights-of-way.

Active Ingredient: 2,4-D 30.56%, MCPP 8.17%, Dicamba 2.77%

Signal Word - DANGER / PELIGRO

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Propiconazole 14.4 Fungicide (Alamo), Quali-Pro

Propiconazole 14.4 Fungicide is an economical, broad-spectrum disease control for cool and warm season grasses, trees, shrubs and flowers and a flare root-injected systemic fungicide for control of selected diseases in trees.

Active Ingredient: Propiconazole 14.3%

Signal Word - WARNING / AVISO

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Quinclorac 75DF Herbicide, Quali-Pro

Quinclorac 75DF Herbicide provides dependable post-emergent control of both broadleaf and grassy weeds in a wide variety of turf species from residential and commercial to golf courses, sports fields and sod farms.

Active Ingredient: Quinclorac 75.0%


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