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Permethrin  provides fast, effective, long lasting bark beetle control. Permethrin controls over 75 different types of pests both indoors and outdoors. Our Permethrin is professional grade, low-odor product. More homes are treated with Permethrin by professional pest management companies than any other product. One qt. makes from 20 to 50 gallons of finished solution. The recommended rate for bark beetle control is 5 qts Permethrin /100 gal finished solution. For bark beetle application the use of a surfactant is recommended.

Tengard SFR is a Permethrin based product that acts as an insecticidal barrier against a broad range of bark beetles including Mountain pine, Ips, Douglas-fir and Spruce and additionally, insects such as ants, bees, fleas, aphids, beetles, ticks, roaches, and chiggers. (1 quart bottle makes 20 to 50 gallons of finished solution)

Tengard SFR is a broad label insecticide as well as a very effective termiticide, for use on ornamental trees, in and around homes, on lawns and shrubs.

Mountain Pine Beetle MPB Prevention Kit #3

Winning combination, Tengard SFR Permenthrin 36.8% combined with the penetrating power of Surf King Plus spreader activator.

Active Ingredient: Permethrin 36.8%

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Astro Termiticide Insecticide, FMC

Astro Permethrin 36.8% Termiticide and Insecticide provides effective broad label control of over 100 insects.

Active Ingredient: Permethrin - 36.8%


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Tengard SFR 36.8% Permethrin Termiticide Insecticide

Tengard SFR Permethrin Termiticide and Insecticide for effective broad label control of over 100 insects.

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