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Hercon Environmental

Hercon EnvironmentalHercon Environmental

MCH Disrupt Micro–Flake Fir & Spruce Beetle Repellent

MCH Disrupt Micro–Flake Bark Beetle Pheromone Repellent Flakes are an effective management tool for certain bark beetles on various tree species. MCH is an anti-aggregation pheromone that when applied in the Micro-Flake form can protect susceptible host trees from infestation by Douglas-fir beetle.

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VaporTape II 1 x 4 Insecticide, Insecticidal Strips

VaporTape II Insecticide, Insecticidal Strips, are a toxicant 1" x 4" strip (10% DDVP) for use in Lindgren Funnel and bucket-style traps. VaporTape II is used inside of the trap collection cup or container to quickly kill collected insects.

Active Ingredient: DDVP, Dichlorvos 10%

Signal Word - Caution

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Verbenone Disrupt Bio-Flake VBN Repellent

Verbenone Disrupt Bio-Flake VBN
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Verbenone Disrupt Micro-Flake VBN Repellent

Verbenone Disrupt Micro-Flake VBN

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